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A lot of stuff has been going on lately. Too much to talk about.

I finally met Casey. We've become VERY close. He only lives about thirty minutes away. We've actually hung out four times this week.

<3 Oooo so sweet <3

However, there is still a little drama with the package. He took me to a party w/ his friends in Santa Cruz on Friday, it was cool. A few of my girls met us there, so I wasn't too uncomfortable. Me + alcohol = very talkative. It was cool that Casey understood that I'm a very social person...he didn't get upset that I introduced myself to people. Not like he could get mad..but he wasn't even hurt. <3 Guys who understand = rad. I didn't want to drink and drive so I stayed @ his house. I slept in his bed, he took the couch. <3

Kerri and I are friends again. I seriously missed the bitch muy muy muy. Heather and I are going to L.A December 6th - 9th. My friend Justin's band, General Purpose is playing and I'm going to hang out with my friend Bryan.

I heart you Ash! We haven't talked much lately. Bet you've been chillen w/ Captin Mo! Ha!

Peace out.
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