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Bryan called. We talked for like an hour.
He's a very cool guy, always ragging on me
about random shit. But definately worthy of
a friendship. Makes me smile a lot when he's
just being his goofy self. He was watching his
high school football highlights. I guess he
broke his ankle when the season first started.
That's wack. They we're 10-0...then they lost
their last game because their quarterback got
hurt. He said they all cried. <3

I want to go to L.A and visit all my friends
already. I haven't really planned out what
cities we're staying in. But I know I have to
go to La Crescenta, Torrance, Hollywood and the
City of Industry. Justin's band, General Purpose,
is playing the night we arrive. Hopefully we'll
be able to make it. Heather can't leave town
until 3:30pm on Friday and the show starts @
8:00pm. That means we'd have to get a hotel
close to the club that night and then get ready
really fast to make it before his band plays.
Reguardless we will go and meet up with him.
Visit his website:
Yes girls he's a hottie for sure. <3

Ash, we will hang out this time, I promise.
We called you kind of late the last time
I visited, and you were already drunk. <3

I'm going to make banana nut bread. YUM


Oh yeah, p.s: I miss you Casey <3
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