kel (kelicious) wrote,

Finally home.

I just got off the phone with Casey.
We both went out with friends...ended
up talking when I got home for about
an hour. Earlier in the night we had a
mis communication. He was supposed to
come visit but his friend Josh came from
So Cal and they ended up watching him on
"Suspect." I was upset but I eventually
got over it. I'll see him tomorrow night
for Thanksgiving. <3 His brother is sooo
cute. When I stayed with him the other night,
he brought me into his brother's room while
he was sleeping. Aww PRECIOUS. Looked like a
little angel. <3

But yeah, this weekend is going to be great!
I got my hair colored. Everyone says it looks
hot! It's very dramatic. Fits my personality
completely <3

Time for bed. <3 you Ash!
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