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It's six am and I am still drunk.
A lot of stuff happened tonight,
fun shit and drama. You can never
go anywhere anymore w/o drama!Yay.

So yeah, I'm chillin @ Sean's house
w/ Paul, Dezmo, Sheep, Casey and Isaac
and some random bitch shows up. Yes,
I've seen her plenty of times before
from chillin in Morgan Hill. Ends up she's
Velia's friend. I start to tell her I might
know her because I was with Burrito for
almost ten months, up until two weeks ago.
She's like, "Sweetie, you're seriously so
much better than him. So much better looking
than he should ever get." Then she says...
"Yeah my best friend Velia has sex w/ Burrito
for fun because she says he's good in bed."
I was shocked. Ruined my night..well
what was left of it, considering I found out
@ four thirty am...More shit too...not
worth my time though.

But yeah, it hurts to know what went on...not
because I still care, more because I feel
disapointed in myself for being so clueless.
I shouldn't care... I've been talking to a
really great guy the past few weeks.
He makes me smile...and treats me so much
better than any guy has in a long time.
<3 Thank you Casey <3

Anyway, I started my drive home @ five
thirty am, arrived home @ about six ten.
Still a little out of it. Hopefully I do
something fun this weekend other than chill
at Sean's. He's even being LAME!

*Rawr* Fuck I'm mad.

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