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YAY! The baby is here.

My best friend Ashley had her baby last
night @ 5:38pm. Kylie Janine West is 7lbs 12oz,
28 inches. Fuck, you do not know how long
I've been waiting for this. Well, Casey does!<#
Dude, I cannot get over how beautiful she is.
It's crazy watching Matt hold his daughter.
It's like she's so attentive when he holds her.
She knows who he is. Everyone showed up at the
hospital. Me, Kerri, Heather, Denise, Charlie,
Matt's dad, Rainese, and Matt. Kylie has a little
fan club already. <3

Just last week we were all talking to her in Ash's
belly...Now she's here! Ashley was admitted into
the hospital @ 3:00pm and delivered Kylie, naturally,
2 1/2 hours later. Very quick delivery.

I can't wait to watch her grow up.

Sorry I'm all emo. ;P

But yeah, after Kerri, Heather and I went to eat
dinner in San Jose. Nice to spend time with the
girls again. <3

Peace in out.
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