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I met a hottie

I went to see Reaction play on Saturday
night with Kerri, Frankie, Tasha and Heather.
It rocked. I didn't even talk to Burrito the
entire time. I still haven't. Go me.

Sunday Frankie and I went to the Olive Garden
in Salinas. We took shots before we left but
I knew I would want more, so I brought a little
bottle with So'Co in it. When they brought me
my diet coke, I went ghetto and made my own
So'Co and Coke. *High five* It was funny shit.
I ATE A LOT. Frankie called a few friends I've
Never met before on our way home. I thought it
would be fun to drink at my place and relax.
OMG. Jeremy and Ray walked through the door and
I was in shock. He's fucking GORGEOUS. He's a
little taller than me, with spikey brown hair,
side burns, beautiful eyes, a nose piercing and
nice muscles, YES, I felt them. I taught all the
guys how to play three man. Then Jeremy and I
decided to play speed. I won the first game.
Apparently Jeremy was just "warming up." He said
if he won the second game, I'd have to give him a
kiss...and If I won..I could state what I wanted.
He won. So of course he says, "You can either drink
that whole beer...or you can do the first one I said."
Then smart ass me says, "I'll drink the beer." I was
joking. Anyway, It ends up we like all the same music..
I put on Finch and he was like "holy shit, you
listen to this?" We couldn't stop staring at eachother
the entire night. I'm not just saying that. I'd be
watching TV and I'd look over, he would be staring at
me like a foot from my face. He told me that I have
beautiful hair and that I'm goregous. He's single
too. How good could it get? He was shocked that I
didn't have a boyfriend. He asked why and I told him
that a lot of guys smother me and I get turned off.
Later on I asked him if I gave him my number, would
he call me. He said he was going to ask for my number
but he would be afraid to call because he wouldn't want
to bug me. HOW CUTE IS THAT. Jeremy, Ray and Frankie
ended up staying the night. Nothing really happened...
we kissed. He has things are going to go

Oh yeah. I was supposed to go hang out with my friend
Justin, the vocalist for a band called General Purpose
from San Dimas. I guess his friend C.J got tickets
to the Fat Wreck Chords 13th Anniv. in S.F this weekend.
He said he didn't want to pass up the chance and C.J
only has two tickets. The only way you can really go
is if you have a Fat Wreck Chords tattoo. He really
wanted me to go with him so he said he would go get a
NOFX tattoo on his inner bicep to win two more tickets.
He actually got it too...for me. How sweet is that?

Sean came over to get some pictures with Derek.
I guess Sean knows Jeremy and got really pissed that
we kissed. He told me that all people do is talk shit
about me and that if I got in a car accident he
wouldn't care. After that comment...I will NEVER ever
speak to him again. Some people are fucking immature.

That is all.

I love my life.
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