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Weird stuff.

My dad is in the hospital...sick. He's been there since Christmas Eve. Not sure exactly what's wrong but he can't leave until things get better. He's been given a lot of Morphine for the pain. ;[

I admitted him into the hospital and on Christmas day my grandmother and I drove to Carmel to hang out with him for an hour or so. He looked better. Didn't really have a family Christmas yet. We're waiting for him to get out. I hung out with my mother on Christmas Eve..then went to Gilroy and hung out with the rest of my dad's family. Saw my cousin's. It was cool.

Then I went to Morgan Hill and spent Christmas Eve with Burrito, Jose, Leo, EJ and Burrito's ENTIRE family. I had a lot of fun. Everyone was doing kareoke, even Burrito's sister Edith which is suprising because she's normally so quiet. She was trying to get my to dance to mexican music. I am WHITE and was kind of embarrassed so I kept saying no. Burrito finally took my hand and made me dance. His sister's said I had rhythm so I didn't feel so stupid :T

I got to know his family a lot better than I did before.
His sister came up to me and was all:

Maria: Is he always like this? My mom says Burrito has no feelings. (Burrito wasn't really talking to anyone. She was concerned he wasn't paying enough attention to me.)

After spending Christmas with people you don't know to become closer, easier. I won't ever feel strange around them. It meant a lot to me that they allowed me to spend time with their family. We stayed up until four am drinking. Then I spent the night with Burrito. Weird...

Anyways. Probably wondering how the fuck we started talking again. I know many of you will be MAD at me for giving in but..
Jose called Kerri last weekend and said him and Burrito were coming into town. I didn't believe it considering Burrito and I hadn't talked in over a month so I made him get on the phone. They were serious. He showed up at my house and it was like we met for the first time. Seriously...Nothing compares to his kisses. I've kissed other guys but none of them felt right. DON'T WORRY NO SEX. But I missed him so fucking much. It was nice to hold him. He started school @ DeAnza and quit smoking. He got his license back and has a car. <3

Anyways. I'm glad we're talking again.

Going SHOPPING. HELL YEAH. Maybe getting ANOTHER TATTOO in SC. I can't get a hold of CASEY and I want him to go with me. <3

OMG. ROFL. Kelley and Kasey came over on Sunday night and DLed BUMFIGHTS. That shit is nuts yo.

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